December 1, 2011 – Policy Forums Invitation


 The Missing Women Commission of Inquiry will be holding Policy Forums in Vancouver beginning on May 1, 2012.    The Policy Forums will provide an opportunity for interested individuals and organizations to make submissions to  the Commission on issues within the advisory and policy aspects of its mandate.

The Missing  Women  Commission  of  Inquiry  was  established  to  inquire  into  the  initiation  and conduct of investigations of missing women and suspected multiple homicides. Formal hearings are  currently being held to inquire into the investigation of women missing from the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver  in 1997‐2002. The Policy Forums are separate and distinct from these evidentiary hearings and will focus on two of the Commission’s terms of reference:

4. c)          recommend changes considered necessary respecting the initiation and conduct of investigations in British Columbia of missing women and suspected multiple homicides; and

4. d)          recommend changes considered necessary respecting homicide investigations in British Columbia by more than one investigating organization, including the co‐ ordination of those investigations.

The Commission has identified four major policy themes arising from its mandate:

1.          Police protection of vulnerable and marginalized women;

2.          Structure and organization of the police force in British Columbia, including the issue of regionalization in the Lower Mainland;

3.          Policies and practices in the investigation of missing persons and suspected multiple homicides; and

4.          Police relationships with the community and media.

The Commission will be publishing policy discussion reports on these themes by January 31, 2012. The purpose of these reports is to facilitate public input and to assist in deliberations on potential policy  recommendations. Theidentification  of  these  policy  themes  is  not  intended  to  limit submissions: individuals and organizations are free to make submissions on any policy issue within the Commission’s mandate.

Individuals and  organizations  interested  in  participating  in  the  Policy  Forums  must  provide  a written submission setting out their policy recommendation(s) and discussion to the Commission by March 31, 2012. Details regarding the venue, number and format of these sessions will depend upon the number and range of submissions received.  Invitations to participate in the forums will be announced in April 2012.

For further information, please contact Elizabeth Welch, Policy Researcher: or 604.681.4470.