Across the globe, women are subjected to the worst working conditions. They earn less than what men earn, they render more work that is unpaid, and they suffer from the impact of the increasing wealth gap. 

In many countries, men have the power to stop their wives from working which as a result, isolates them and puts them in an economic dependency. 

To care for their homes and families has long been a stereotypical role and responsibility given to women. Moreover, this setting gives girls and women less opportunity to go to school, participate in politics and social activities, and get a decent-paying job. As a result, women tend to neglect their well-being and happiness. 

Why is Economic Justice Important for Women?

1. Globally, women earn 23% less than the average of what men earn.

2. In 2018, around 606 million women stated that doing an unpaid care job has hindered them from having a paying job. On the other hand, only about 41 million men said the same statement.

3. One out of ten people gets through a day with just $1.90 and most of these people are women. 

When all women are allowed to get a good-paying job and work in a decent and safe working setup, she will have the capacity to free herself from poverty. Furthermore, her family as well as her community will benefit from it too. 

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