It’s time to take action. Join us at Women Rights Canada Volunteers and get ready to take action and make an impact. When you choose to join us, you will be taking part in a positive community that aims to put an end to poverty, inequality, and injustices around the world. 

By joining the Women Rights Canada Volunteers, you will have the opportunity to participate in the following programs and activities:

1. Campaigns for women across the globe: You will be participating in campaigns that advocates for global women’s rights.

2. Volunteer in emergencies: You will have the chance to provide help and support to girls and women affected by crises and natural calamities.

3. Raise funds: You will be able to participate in organizing a fundraiser that aims to accumulate funds to donate to places or situations where it is most needed. 

4. Volunteer with our team: Together with our community of dedicated volunteers, you will use your voice to tackle the social challenges that keep many people in poverty. 

5. Have your say: By joining Women Rights Canada Volunteers, you will be allowed to take part in our decision-making on anything related to our advocacy for change. 

Every one of us can make a positive change to the world, start changing lives now by joining us.