Our Vision

Women Rights Canada Volunteers aims for a world that is just and without poverty. 

Our Mission

To create long-term solutions to end inequality and poverty with a special focus on women’s welfare and rights.

Our Values

Accountability – We take full accountability for our actions and decisions and we put ourselves on high standards of rectitude. With that being said, we also make sure to hold others onto the same standards especially those in power; the government, private entities, organizations, and individuals.

Empowerment – Everyone in our organization, our staff, partners, supporters, as well as the people who are battling against inequality and poverty, should have the right to be a catalyst for a positive change. 

All-Embracing – At Women Rights Canada Volunteers, we foster partnership and we embrace inclusiveness when it comes to decision-making. We do believe that each and everyone can contribute regardless of each other’s differences. 

The Things We Do To Champion Women’s Rights

Putting an end against violence towards women

Violence against women is undeniably one of the most prevalent forms of human rights violations.

Ending economic injustice against women

All women should be given a fair wage, must work in decent and safe working conditions, and must be allowed to take their family and community out of poverty.