Women Rights Canada Volunteers is a group that aims to beat discrimination and fight poverty to build a better world with equality. We strive to create long-term solutions to end the war against injustice and poverty and we focus on promoting women’s rights and improving their lives overall. 

We collaborate with partners, communities, and women’s welfare organizations to tackle the factors that bolster poverty and inequality. Together, we strive to persuade and encourage those who are in power to take action against these issues. We believe that those in power influence the crucial decisions that affect women who are in poverty as well as their families and communities.

This is how we work on protecting women’s rights:

1. We plan all projects with women’s welfare in mind.

2. We collaborate with women’s rights groups and partners.

3. We defy policies and rules and we hold those who are in power accountable. 

Women Rights Canada Volunteers strongly believe that ending poverty on a global scale starts with fostering women’s rights.