Violence against girls and women has been a major cause of poor health, disability, and even death across the globe. It hinders girls and women to take full control of their lives thus taking them away from the opportunity to escape poverty. Violence stops girls and women from going to school, getting a decent job, and having a social life. 

Unfortunately, there are still many countries wherein girls and women do not have access to justice. They are subjected to awful situations such as forced or early marriage as it is a tradition in their country. As a result, men hold the power over their lives.

All girls and women should have the freedom to live without a trace of violence regardless of their race, age, and economic or social status. Sadly, for women living in poverty, these rights are rarely within their arms’ reach. 

What are Women Rights Canada Volunteers Doing?

We provide direct support to organizations that are working to create lasting solutions against cultural practices and social norms that undermine women’s rights. We also strive to empower women and girls to escape violence and live with the utmost freedom. We collaborate with communities, authorities, organizations, religious leaders, and more to build a better world for women and girls around the world. 

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