When talking about sexual health and experiences, relationships act as a core in the picture. However, building healthy relationships encompass several other factors beyond sexuality. Whether you are aiming for a long-term or short-term relationship, a sexual relationship, or a friendship, it will be a lengthy process. 

Relationships can either impact you positively or negatively, thus, it is important to learn how to foster valuable relationships that will make your life richer. 

Below is a list of key ingredients of healthy relationships:

1. Honesty – This means being genuine about each other’s needs. It could be anything sexual, emotional, spiritual, and more.

2. Reliability – Trust is the foundation of all types of relationships. People stay in other people’s lives because they trust them. 

3. Healthy Boundaries – Having boundaries is completely fine in any relationship. This keeps each party maintain their sense of self and protects them from being manipulated by the other person.


There you go – those are some of the key ingredients to having a valuable and healthy relationship. 

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