Looks can be deceiving. Hence, it is always safer to “look before you leap.” As Recommended by some, Take Vaping or electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) for example. People have the perception that vaping is safer and has lesser harmful effects than smoking. This is not necessarily true.

Vaping has been packaged attractively thru its striking electronic device, various flavors, and adjustable nicotine levels. In addition, vaping has been considered to have a cheaper “per-use” cost compared to the actual ones. However, e-cigarettes are just as addictive and harmful as the traditional ones, if not more. In fact, due to its luscious flavors and scent, “vapers” smoke it double (or even triple) the time they do with traditional cigarettes.

According to relevant data gathered from different medical institutions in the US, there is a dramatic increase in the number of youth (both young adults and adolescents) using a vape. There have been reports from the Journal of Criminal Justice of increased teen delinquency and theft and these have been linked to vaping. The University of Texas and San Antonio (UTSA) reports supporting this. As a result, there is a stress on the potential effects of vaping on the performance of teens nowadays. This includes, but is not limited to school performance, psychological development and behavior, violent delinquency and can even result in higher chances of depression. One of the crucial matters being raised was the premise that those who vape have an increased probability of being violent, delinquent, and be perpetrators of theft and other crimes.

The said details could be very alarming to those who deem “vaping” to be safe and harmless. As of the time being, it is imperative to understand that these were brought up as a matter of concern rather than a proven fact.

This is possibly due to the distinctive features of the electronic cigarette, particularly its capability to conceal its content. Studies have shown that a lot of parents may not know if their kid is smoking e-cigarettes or other stuff. Others have never even considered giving it a thought. Who can blame them? At the onset, it is to think the kid is just smoking a raspberry-flavored fluid. How harmful can it be? This can really be deceiving.

However, still according to recent reports, smoking nicotine and marijuana discretely yet publicly (at the same time) thru “vaping” has been a fascination for some. Hence, efforts have to be strengthened for concerned government sectors, and hopefully, the parents for this dangerous trend to be stopped.

This discussion on vaping and teen delinquency is reliant on the CONTENT of the Vape, and not the ACT of Vaping. If e-cigarette would become a channel for the surge of drug substance use and abuse, then we all know what happens next. It will be imperative that further studies would yield results in favor of vaping is linked to violence, theft, and various crimes.

As it stands, this is not to kill the thrill that hopeful quitters of “traditional smoking” have on vaping. We still have to recognize that the Action and Intention of the one vaping plays a crucial role in this matter. As early as now it is better to create awareness and correct the habit. Especially to those who are using vape to cut down on smoking, make sure to stick to the good buzz that this device creates, and nothing else.

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