At the Women Rights Canada Volunteers, we always believe that to end global poverty, we must start with protecting the rights of women. 

Women are among the top forces of many developing countries these days; they care for homes and families, they take up one-third of the official labor forces, and they produce substantial amounts of food. However, women are given fewer rights, fewer opportunities, and fewer resources to make high-impact decisions compared to men. Hence why gender is the perpetual predictor of inequality and poverty to this date. 

We at Women Rights Canada Volunteers strongly believe that when the rights of women are respected, they will be paid better, educated better, and become physically and mentally healthier. As a result, children flourish together with communities, societies, and organizations, thus creating long-term benefits for future generations. 

An average of 150 million people living in developing and third-world countries could be set free from famine if women had the same rights and access to resources as men for farming. 

About two-thirds of over 800 million people who are over the age of 15 still cannot write nor read are women. 

On a global scale, women earn about 23% less than what men earn. 

Because of the consequences stated above, we put women’s rights as the core of everything we do. We create long-term projects that help women practice leadership, claim their rights, and end the war against poverty in their communities. Lastly, we challenge those in power to recognize, respect, and promote the rights of women.